Safety Management Support by Vrielink Electrical Services

Engineering Support for Arc Risk Reduction

All the next steps after a risk assessment has been completed. Either to study technical solutions for reducing hazard or procedures to ensure work is performed under the lowest risk conditions possible.

Training for Qualified and Nonqualified Employees

For both qualified and non-qualified personnel the requirements of NFPA 70E bring new concepts, techniques and terminology. We provide training tailored to your electrical safety program with trainers that speak the local language.

Developing Local Procedures Based on Corporate Requirements

We write local procedures that integrate your corporate procedure and your site’s local regulations. Keeping things the same when they are sufficient, finding solutions when they’re not. In English or in your site’s local language.

Auditing of Arc Flash Studies and Electrical Safety Programs

Procedures in place? We check if your site complies. Before, during or after a safety audit. We provide clear recommendations and next steps to get your site to the next level.